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How and Why WePresent the things that make a difference

Here at WeTransfer, we don't have a department for corporate social responsibility. We feel that it's up to everyone to make stuff, support stuff and do stuff that makes the world that bit better.

The Wallpapers

Since 2009 we have given away 30% of our page impressions on WeTransfer to showcase artists and organizations whose work we admire. Alongside the many musicians, photographers, designers, filmmakers and more, we've always tried to help people who are on a mission.

We are especially interested in three areas – bringing offline values online and creating a better internet, the fight against climate change and programs that promote diverse voices in all their forms.

Every month, we offer a big blast of 25 million global impressions to introduce one organization, charity or cause to our huge, international audience. Below you can see some of those we've worked with, and if you want to apply for some support, you can email

Wallpaper for, using the power of music to highlight the plight of the seas Wallpaper for Knit Aid, a charity that uses crafts to reach out to refugees Wallpaper for Dot Everyone, encouraging us to think smarter online Wallpaper for Creative Growth which encourages marginalised groups to express themselves through art Wallpaper for Liberty United, which uses old gun parts to create jewellery Wallpaper for the Imaginary Friend Society, which helps youngsters with cancer express themselves

Long-term Partners

We also offer longer-term support to people and initaives which use creative thinking to build a world that works better for all of us. Below you can see the two main orgainsations we support on an ongoing basis.

Worldwide FM

Since 2016 we've worked with world-renowned DJ Gilles Peterson. He set up Worldwide FM as a new sort of music platform, dedicated to diversity and championing voices that can get lost in the commercial noise.

Find out more here.

The University of the Underground

Founded by Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun, The University of the Underground is a new type of masters course. Free for students, the unique program uses creative thinking to explore how we can build a better future.

Find out more here.

Taking a Stand

In the past few years we have found our voice on the issues we feel strongly about. Whether it's the climate crisis or gun reform, we've launched a series of projects that use creative thinking to take on some of the biggest issues we face.

Click the images below to read more.

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