Can’t Just PreachWe team up with John Legend for a new series

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We team up with John Legend for a new series


Lots of us are worried about the way the world seems to be turning. Lots of us will talk and type and tweet about that anxiety. But the time for talking is over. It’s only by turning words into action that we can begin to bring about the change we want to see.

John Legend’s new series, Can’t Just Preach, celebrates the people who do just that.

John has a long history of speaking out, and standing up, for the things he believes in.

He fought for equal opportunity education in the Show Me Campaign and set up his Free America charity to “shine a light on the injustices of mass incarceration.”

On Valentine's Day 2019, he released Preach a call-to-action for people to stand up and be counted.

The song speaks an optimistic truth – that things can be different if we have the courage to change them. And so Can't Just Preach introduces us to people from around the US that embody that positive spirit.

“In the song we say that words, thoughts and prayers aren't enough if we want to make real change,” John says. “Even though the news can be frustrating, it's good to see and know there are people out there doing the right thing.”

“I think an artist's job is to tell their truth from their own perspective. This work is integral to my art, because it's a big part of how I think about the world.”

And he hopes that people who see the videos will take the message into their own lives too. “Find organizations that are working in the area you care about. Read about them. Listen to their leaders. Volunteer if you can. I hope people are motivated to do their part to make the world better.”






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