A Manifesto by Raabia Hussain The filmmaker and producer shares her 10 rules of life and work

Design by Élise Rigollet
Design by Élise Rigollet
WordsRaabia Hussain

Raabia Hussain is a filmmaker and documentary producer from the UK. As a Deaf creative, she makes films that highlight issues such as mental health, disability, and inclusivity, as well as emphasizing the importance of activism and de-stigmatizing in general.

Born and bred in the Oldham area of Manchester, UK, Raabia Hussain is an award-winning adventure filmmaker. The 27-year-old director completed her degree at the Northern Film School in Leeds, UK. One of her greatest and most successful documentaries is 'Two Deaf Travellers,' which has been ranked as the Best Independent Travel Video 2021 on CIFFT.

Manifesto is a series on WePresent which invites activists and creatives with something to say to write 10 rules to live by, in order to help spread their message. The artwork on this page was created by Élise Rigollet.