A Manifesto by Roxane Gay 10 rules for loving and being loved well

Cover Image - A Manifesto by Roxane Gay
WordsRoxane Gay
ArtistDebbie Millman

For Roxane Gay, love has no rules, but there are ways of loving well. A relationship is to be nurtured, worked on and appreciated; and contrary to common wisdom, it’s something to find joy in, not suffering. Here, the writer gives us a gentle guide—hand-drawn by her wife, the artist, writer and educator Debbie Millman—on how to navigate this most delicate of emotions.

Roxane Gay is a writer, critic and professor. She is the author of “Hunger,” “Difficult Women,” and the New York Times bestseller “Bad Feminist,” among others. A fierce critic, she’s known for her searing observations, which meditate on feminism at the intersection of race, gender and sexuality. For the uninitiated, what better way to get a sense of the author than reading “Opinions,” the forthcoming collection of her best non-fiction of the past ten years?

Debbie Millman has built her entire life around design. Beyond producing branding for some of the world’s most recognizable companies, including Starbucks, Pepsi-Cola, Procter & Gamble and Nestle, she’s curated exhibitions about design, written books about design, given talks about design and hosted a long-running podcast about design—the aptly titled “Design Matters.” She also maintains an illustration practice, contributing work to the New York Times, New York Magazine, and Fast Company.

Manifesto is a series on WePresent which invites activists and creatives with something to say to write 10 rules to live by, in order to help spread their message. The poster design on this page was created by Debbie Millman.

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