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A manifesto by
Aindrea Emelife

Aindrea Emelife is a 27-year-old independent curator, art critic, art historian and writer from London. Here, she shares her 10 rules for art: how we make it, see it and think about it and, most importantly, what it can teach us if we question what we know about it.

Aindrea Emelife is a 27-year-old curator, critic, art historian and presenter from London. She is working on her first two books A Little History of Protest Art, and How Art Can Change The World: A Manifesto, as well as writing and filming her first art documentary. She has also written for the Financial Times, the Guardian, Vanity Fair, the Telegraph and Frieze, among others. She is also dedicated to public speaking, usually pertaining to discussions of contemporary art, popularizing and diversifying art history, and championing women, Black artists, and artists of color. Her forthcoming exhibitions include: Black Faces / White Spaces: Invisibility and Hypervisibility, opening in Dallas October 2021 and exhibitions in London, Athens, New York and Venice planned for 2022. In 2021, Aindrea was featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List and appointed to the Mayor of London’s Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm.

Manifesto is a series on WePresent which invites activists and creatives with something to say to write 10 rules to live by, in order to help spread their message. The artwork on this page was created by Rick Griffith.

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