Aindrea Emelife United Kingdom

Design by Rick Griffith

Aindrea burst onto the scene at the age of 20 with her first column for the Financial Times; a fresh voice in a world steeped in historical convention. Her work—through curation, writing, and broadcasting—delves into the conventions of art, and asks us to consider how we make it, see it, and how we use it to question the foundations of art as a practice. She is also dedicated to public speaking, often involved in discussions on contemporary art, popularizing and diversifying art history, and championing women, Black artists, and artists of color. Aindrea is featured on WePresent as part of the Manifesto series – inviting activists and creatives with something to say to write 10 rules to live by – in which she reveals what she’s learned about the immense power of art.

“Art is a mirror: It should be about the world we live in and prescribe an ideal for an ever-changing future.”