What About? A podcast with editors about how magazines get made

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What About? is a podcast about ideas, words and magazines by WeTransfer Studios and magCulture. Magazines are built on stories, and every story starts off as a spark. This series looks at those sparks and the stories they become.

Each episode features a short interview with the editor and a full reading of some of the world’s best magazine writing. We dive into international big-hitters like The New York Times Magazine and ZEITmagazin, plus much-loved and much-missed food publication Lucky Peach. We also hear from the intelligent fashion magazine Vestoj, the art-world bible Frieze and Victory Journal, which reinvented how we think about sports magazines.

The stories themselves cover all manner of topics – they’re about pastry chefs and New York’s birdlife, mascot design and a high-end German vineyard. But crucially we also hear the stories behind those stories, and in doing so get an intimate insight into how magazines get made.