audiovisual Four podcasts focusing on photographers exploring new worlds

Cover photo by Mara Sanchez Renero
Cover photo by Mara Sanchez Renero
WordsLucy Pike

The most interesting stories are often the hardest to tell. In our audiovisual podcast, our curator Lucy Pike speaks to four photographers about projects which took them into new worlds, from Nigerian gangsters to high school dramas.

Each interview explores how image-makers choose which stories to tell, build relationships with their subjects and juggle the demands of being both an insider and an outsider in these other lives.

The podcast is part of a collaboration with the International Center of Photography in New York. Each of these photographers was featured in the ICP's Projected series, curated by Wesley Verhoeve, which sees the images beamed onto the museum's windows at night.

Mara Sanchez Renero

Mara is a Mexico-based photographer. In this episode we chatted about her project The Little-Known World of the Afro-Mexican, in which she documents an African community living in Mexico.

Tom Saater

In this episode we chat to Tom, a photographer based in Nigeria. He spoke to us about his series Area Boys, a portrait of a notorious gang that attacked him one night in Lagos.

Raphaela Rosella

Australian photographer Raphaela captures the sometimes-difficult world she grew up in, and the effects it had on the women she knows and loves.

Melissa Bunni Elian

US-based photographer Melissa explores teenage self-esteem by following a 14-year-old girl, Maddie Meyers, who battled cancer when she was younger.