We Talk Music A chat between Anderson .Paak and Ge-ology in Sète at sunset

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This episode of our WeTalkMusic series was recorded live at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival in Sète in the south of France. On the balcony of Gilles’ villa, host Thris Tian was joined by Anderson .Paak and Ge-ology.

As the sun went down behind them, the pair – who clearly shared a massive mutual respect – discussed their musical influences and interests and waxed lyrical about the tracks they had both chosen.

WeTalkMusic explores artists' different sides through some unexpected musical selections. Explore the whole series here.

Very few artists have made more of an impact in the last couple of years than Anderson .Paak. Born and raised in California, Anderson began producing tracks in his bedroom as a teenager (while drumming at his local church on Sundays). He originally recorded under the moniker Breezy Lovejoy, and released his first album Venice under his current name in 2014. Since then his star has risen and risen, thanks both to his ability to reinvent various genres (from hip-hop and funk to reggae and trap) and his high-profile collaborations with the likes of Flying Lotus, Macklemore, Travis Barker and Dr Dre.

Born in Baltimore and now based in Brooklyn, artist, DJ and producer Ge-ology is one of the most innovative musicians working today. He started collecting records aged just five, played instruments from nine and has been DJ-ing since 11. During high school he was even in a group called Born Busy with the young Tupac. Now he is known for his eclectic interests across hip-hop, funk and electro, and he has worked with a stellar roster of artists including Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Jill Scott, De La Soul and Jem.

Here are a few key quotes from our guests gleaned from the third episode…

Anderson .Paak on his relationship with Dre…

Me and Dre are actually very similar in how we produce. He likes to utilize musicians, utilize the room, and he’s kind of a control freak like me…Recently he told me, “I see you like Marvin Gaye or Curtis Mayfield, you don’t need to be working with everybody. You should keep it exclusive and if you are going to get on something make sure it’s like the best of the best and you know keep it tight. Focus on your projects.”

He’s just all about the music. He don’t care about none of the flashiness.

Anderson .Paak on Flying Lotus…

He’s like a monk, like a musical monk creature. I went to his house and it was like crazy man, like Willy Wonka but digital…Gadgets and beats man. It was amazing.

Anderson .Paak on the Pages track Tell Me…

It’s really dope. The chorus is just infectious man. I just want to cry my eyes out when the chorus comes. The first part and the b section is cool, but when the chorus hits, it’s just like oooooooh man… The bass is just crazy.

Ge-ology on the joy of cassettes…

I have always been a cassette collector.

I would tape radio where I would get it and I would exchange cassettes with people because I am always looking for music. I actually have some of those cassettes from those days. That to me was the best time; when that was happening it was so honest. Now people take that all for granted and it’s easy to post up whatever but back in those days there were physical tapes circulating. You know the passion is real; you have to go all out for that to happen.

Ge-ology on the influence of Theo Parrish…

He has his vision and he trusts his vision and he is going to go full-fledged in his vision. He is not going to compromise that for anyone…That always connected well with me because that’s what I try to do too.

Ge-ology on Cohijo and his Time Machine’s Gumbo…

It’s so crazy because the arrangement is like bananas man. It just changes and changes and changes and changes and constantly just changes. The musicianship is just amazing.