Drop School Ep. 5 How to come up with the perfect marketing stunt


Welcome to Drop School, an eight-week journey in which WePresent will teach you how to build hype around your products as a fashion designer. In episode five, Jordy learns how you can come up with a marketing stunt that will gain you followers and, hopefully, fans.

This Episode

To know how to do a good marketing stunt, you need to understand how to do a bad one. Jordy’s mentor Alizé Demange remembers one Puma activation that was meant to look like a trap house with trap phones sent out to people with fake fifty pound notes. As she says, “Why would you ever create an activation around a certain way of life, glamourise it and commodify it?” A perfect marketing stunt is a genuinely exciting moment IRL or online—and ideally both.

“You’re not gonna do one marketing stunt and your life is changed. Once you’ve catched those people, you’ve got your little bit of engagement,” says expert Randy Agyemang. Nowadays people don’t want to follow accounts online—doing a great stunt is a way to get people to do just that.

Remember the way you’re presenting yourself online is also marketing. You’ve got to have something about yourself on the internet—you can’t be completely offline. If the person behind the brand is lit, they’ll be more drawn to you, the experts agree.

In this episode’s challenge, Jordy uses humor through edited images—Frank Ocean DMing Jordy's brand Recall Project wanting the latest drop—to bring lightness to his brand marketing. As the experts warn, some people will provide backlash for something like this, but the people who find it funny will love it.

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“If you don’t get your message out there, how are people going to know what your brand stands for?”
Randy Agyemang

The Expert

Javel Berlin, video creator and marketing for Corteiz and Randy Agyemang, talent consultant for Drop School and industry consultant.

The Learnings

  1. “Success doesn’t happen overnight. You’re not just going to do one marketing stunt and be like yeah cool, I’m going to rest. You need to keep hitting them with new things.” 

  2. “It’s like a domino effect; if you can sell one product, you can sell a thousand.”

  3. “You are your own billboard.”