Drop School Ep. 7 How to grow your brand without selling out


Welcome to Drop School, an eight-week journey in which WePresent will teach you how to build hype around your products as a fashion designer. In episode seven, Jordy is learning about how we can grow our brands without selling out and seeming inauthentic.

This Episode

In this week’s episode Jordy has accelerated along his journey. Now he’s considering the issues that come with trying to make more money and grow his brand while retaining street credibility. When Jordy meets Ejder founder Simon Suphandagli he learns about how the founder took a year out at 31-years-old and then took a leap of faith to launch and grow his brand. Suphandagli says it was hard to retain his credibility and as his lifestyle and peer groups started to change, he lost his way. But the staff, stores and bills to pay forced him to stay grounded. “It’s hard doing your own thing in lots of ways, but you’re living your dream constantly,” he says.

What causes brands to sell out? “It’s that money chase isn’t it?” says Suphandagli. But it’s about picking the money or the credibility with your eyes wide open. Don’t get stocked somewhere you don’t like unless you’re expressly doing it to get rich quick. Jehucal founder, Emay Enemokwu says, go with your gut—if you feel like a deal represents you, do it.

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“Keep your website clear, keep the images clean and have people wearing your garments in the photos.”
Emay Enemokwu

The Expert

Simon Suphandagli is the founder of Ejder, who has a passion for connecting grassroots communities with brands and commerce, and Emay Enemokwu, founder of luxury streetwear brand Jehucal.

The Learnings

  1. “Your brand is your tool. You can do anything.” - Simon

  2. “Screen any opportunities; does it align with me? Does it align with what I’m doing, the message I’m telling? If it doesn’t, then you can keep your money.” - Simon

  3. “The apps you have on your website, where it will suggest, ‘oh, you’re going to buy this hoodie, you might as well add in these pants or these socks as well.’ We’ve seen thousands of pounds made just from that alone. I don’t have to do anything, I set it up and let AI handle the rest of it.” - Emay

  4. “If the product is good enough, it will still sell. Just don’t make an orange background.” - Emay