Your Work Here Austrian digital designer and animator Elisa Gold

Cover Image - Your Work Here

Your Work Here was a massive open call to WeTransfer users to submit their artwork on the theme of "black and white." Read more and see the whole list of winners here.

Describing a feeling with mere words can be tricky. That’s why Elisa Gold is fascinated by the idea of communicating emotions using art instead of language. The Austrian artist, having studied film and media studies, art history and philosophy as well as animation, CGI and graphic design, uses her broad background to explore how best to portray various moods in her intriguing abstract landscapes.

“In our world, emotions are far too underrepresented. We mostly talk about love, anger or sadness, but there is so much more. I like to explore this in my work.”

The series Landscape I-VIII, made in Cinema 4D, features environments that could only exist in a virtual world. There are intimidating geometric shapes that act in physically impossible ways. The endless horizons evoke an uncanny feeling of infiniteness.

The artist likes how working in CGI allows you to start from scratch to build a whole new world. “When I made this series I was feeling lost, but at the same time I felt overwhelmed and intrigued by possibilities. It’s like this feeling of void where everything can happen, but you don’t know what.”

Working in monochrome was a deliberate choice to add a dramatic atmosphere to the work. It creates less nuance, because things are either black, white, or something in between. “It highlights and intensifies things, I think it fits this scene very well,” Elisa explains.

The reflective objects add to this eerie feeling, because their geometric forms are forced to interact with each other and the surroundings. “It adds an extra sense of mystique. And if you look closely, you’ll also see I put some reflection of something that’s not there, to make it more unsettling.”