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88rising We’re creative. We’re different. We always get things done

Work In Progress looks at different types of creative collaboration. From creative soulmates to a pan-Asian collective and a musician grappling with her past, we explore how artists fuse different energies to create. See the whole series here.

88rising (or 88⬆) is a record label and collective that brings together ten Asian hip-hop artists to work on projects from tracks to tours. Described as a home, a family and a creative energy, our film looks at what 88rising means to its members.

When we’re all together that’s when the best collaborative efforts come to life.

In their mission to bridge east and west, the group's creative dynamic follows its own rules. Seeing them on stage, on tour and in their downtime, we get a sense of how this dynamic works and how they balance so many different voices to create art that’s more than the sum of its super-talented parts.

We’re creative. We’re different. We always get things done.

Some songs come super quickly and the puzzle just fits completely. And some songs are a little difficult to figure out.. But if you keep pushing it something snaps and you’re like, oh that works.

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