Lykke Li The musician on the beauty to be found in change and rebirth


“There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who rebuilt herself.” In our third episode of Work in Progress we focus our lens on the intriguing Lykke Li. The Swedish singer-songwriter rose to fame with her 2011 song I Follow Rivers and sold out stadiums across the world.

Right now, Lykke finds herself in a storm of emotions—she lost her longtime love, and her mom passed away just as she became a mother herself. It’s an overwhelming moment in her life as she tries to navigate pain, grief and finding love for her newborn child.

It’s these feelings she’s translated into her latest album so sad so sexy, on which she shows a new, softer side of herself. In our film, Lykke reflects on the three key life events that moved her to make the album and how motherhood has unexpectedly fueled her creativity.

Behind the scene photos by Kaj Jefferies.

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In my life I’ve turned my biggest heartaches into songs.
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I really need my art. It became what I needed to survive.

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