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Posters sum up shared messages of anger & frustration but also optimism & hope

More and more at rallies around the world, it’s the posters that stick in the memory. Visuals are able to cut through the noise in a way that words often can’t. In one quick hit they communicate people's passions and beliefs – summing up a shared messages of anger, frustration but also optimism and hope.

This story is part of our series looking at how creative minds are taking on gun violence. Read more about the series and explore the other projects here.

In support of the March For Our Lives movement, we’ve commissioned some of the world’s best image-makers to create brand new artworks inspired by the slogan that sums up how so many people are feeling – #enoughisenough.

Check out the contributions from Aries Moross, Edel Rodriguez, Eike König, Camila Rosa, Henning Wagenbreth, Brian Elstak and Ashley Lukashevsky.

Edel Rodriguez

Aries Moross

Ashley Lukashevsky

Eike König

Henning Wagenbreth

Camila Rosa

Brian Elstak

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