Camila Rosa Brazil

Cover Image - Camila Rosa

Now based in São Paulo but originally from Santa Catarina, Brazilian illustrator and visual artist Camila Rosa’s artistic journey began when she joined female street-art collective Coletivo Chá in 2010. Having graduated with a degree in industrial design, she then spent five years as a graphic designer before finally committing to freelance illustration. An 18-month stint in New York from 2016 helped build her practice and her identity, and she’s since built a diverse career across advertising, editorial, exhibitions, fashion, and (recently) murals, receiving commissions from newspapers such as the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal; publishers such as Penguin and Running Press; and brands such as Spotify, Adidas, Nike, and Vans. Often combining strong, contrasting colors with the human figure, her illustrations are restrained in their means but powerful in their effect. She was one of the artists we selected to make new artworks around the theme of gun control in support of the March For Our Lives movement.