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Newsletter IllustrationsEvery month a creative makes a special illustration for our newsletter


Every month we ask an artist to make a special treat for the monthly WePresent newsletter. Below you can find all of the illustrations from past issues.


Fabien Corre, February 2023

Fabien Corre depicts the great AI debate

Mishko, January 2023

Affirmation artist Mishko gets us hyped for 2023...


Maxime Lacombe, December 2022

Maxime Lacombe wraps up the year for the last newsletter of 2022

Ana Galvañ, November 2022

Ana Galvañ on learning

Anouck Constant, October 2022

Anouck Constant explores the power of place

Holly Pilot, September 2022

Holly Pilot shows the beauty in unexpected places

Holly Stapleton, August 2022

Holly Stapleton captures intimacy

Hyosun Hwang, July 2022

Hyosun Hwang illustrates the way music can lead to discovery

Paola Saliby, June 2022

Paola Saliby illustrates creative intensity

Anthony Gerace, May 2022

Anthony Gerace shows what creative synergy looks like

Lisa Mouchet, April 2022

In this illustration, Lisa Mouchet celebrates the launch of our new website, magazine and collaboration with Solange

Brian Blomerth, February 2022

Illustrator Brian Blometh visualizes staying weird.

Natacha Paschal, January 2022

Natacha Paschal about new beginnings.


Matthew Kam, December 2021

Matthew Kam illustrates reflection for the last newsletter of 2021.

Dror Cohen, November 2021

Dror Cohen shows kinship for the November newsletter.

Kissi Ussuki, October 2021

With this illustration, Kissi Ussuki kicks of cinema season in style.

Hokyoung Kim, August 2021

For the August 2021 newsletter, Hokyoung Kim explores pausing.

Andrea D’Aquino creates an illustration that captures how visually arresting art can enchant us.

Nina Turok Shapiro grapples with the emotions around her parents moving out of her childhood home.

Alec Cumming, March 2021

Alec Cumming illustrates what legacy means to him

Liliana A. Romero, February 2021

Liliana A. Romero takes action

Genie Espinosa, January 2021

Genie Espinosa illustrates escape and resolution.


Refael Idan Suissa, December 2020

Refael Idan Suissa shows there's both light and darkness in creativity.

Jesse Stone, November 2020

Jesse Stone ponders the theme of collaboration through this adventurous family

Pedro Veneziano, October 2020

Pedro Veneziano explores different possibilities when you're open to doubt.

Gvidas Parkarklis, September 2020

This month, Gvidas Parkarklis plays a game of procrastination

Alia Wilhelm, August 2020

Artist Alia Wilhelm captures what a holiday from home looks like

Brianna Rose Brooks illustrates what impacts means to them

Valerie Darkie, June 2020

Valerie Darkie's illustration about using time wisely

Leonor Violeta, May 2020

Leonor Violeta figures out the "new normal"

Marc Majewski, April 2020

Here, Marc Majewski navigates change.

Andy Price, February 2020

Andy Price turns objects into art

Melek Zertal, January 2020

Melek Zertal offers advise on how to get recognized for your work


Jill Arteche, December 2019

Jill Arteche looks back on a year of learnings for the last newsletter of the decade.

Max Guther, November 2019

Max Guther explores the concept of invisibility...

Leebin Soyeon, October 2019

Leebin Soyeon gives a nod to halloween...

Sarah Hardy, September 2019

Sarah Hardy smashes the rules of creativity. Photo by Ellis Parrinder

Jack Oliver Coles, August 2019

Jack Oliver Coles offers a glimpse of his creative home.

Lexicon love, July 2019

Lexicon love shows creativity can come from anywhere – even the tennis court.

Charlotte Edey, June 2019

Charlotte Edey illustrates FKA twigs

Nina Torr, May 2019

Nina Torr illustrates what the cosmos has in store for us.

Andrey Kasay, April 2019

Andrey Kasay on the topic of food

Ojima Abalaka, March 2019

Ojima Abalaka captures the fun and joy of the (sometimes) mundaneness of life

Scott Menchin, February 2019

Scott Menchin shows that in every bad thing there's something good.

Liana Finck, January 2019

Liana Finck on resolutions worth keeping


Pavel Mishkin, December 2018

Pavel Mishkin on all the characters popping out of his brain and making it onto his canvas

Nadine Redlich, November 2018

Nadine Redlich's funny character shows off its muscles

Toto Blaauw, October 2018

Toto Blaauw on darker days

Andrea Wan, September 2018

Andrea Wan illustrates how ideas flourish in her mind

Thoka Maer, August 2018

Thoka Maer is on a quest to revive the forgotten Rebus.

Johanna Walderdorff’s take on the World Cup in the summer of 2018

José Antonio Roda illustrates a party of girls