Thank you for the music Healing playlists by our favorite platforms

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There’s perhaps never been a more important time to put a little faith in the transportive power of music. And to do just that, WeTransfer’s Head of Music Tiffany Yu teams up with a host of stations and agencies to curate the tracks that will make you feel good now.

Artwork by B.D. Graft.

You’d think that this would be the time to listen to that album from last year you never quite got round to checking out, or to start creating new playlists on your chosen streaming service. But, according to media reports, streaming figures have dropped significantly since people around the world began to self-isolate.

Getting lost down a Netflix rabbit hole and watching series after series while simultaneously staring at your phone might be an easier form of distraction, but maybe it’s time to make a playlist to soundtrack those 16 hours a day spent sitting on the couch in the same way you would’ve made one for your cinematic journey to work.

Sounds like a plan? Well, we’re here to try and help. We’ve asked some of our favorite platforms to make a playlist of their ultimate tracks, a mixture of newer tunes and classics to remind you of the time when things were a bit better.

Quarantine and chill

Foundation FM

Foundation FM is a new female-led radio station, who place women and other underrepresented groups at the forefront of their practice. The show is marketed as ‘12 hours of your favourite women,’ and it’s a breath of fresh air in a male-dominated industry with a worrying lack of diversity on its airwaves. As a start-up station, they’ve got a lot of freedom when it comes to organizing their schedule, with their version of a breakfast show coming later so that those who don’t work a 9 to 5 can tune in too. Here, in a playlist entitled Isolation, But Make it Fun, check out the 30 songs they think you should hear.

Listen to their programs and send them music at Their studios may be closed but their ears are not!

Radio Radio

Radio Radio is a small pop-up DJ bar and club in Amsterdam's Westerpark. Built out of a love for sharing music, they also host an online curated selection of global radio shows and livesets. To support their community, staff, and DJs during these tough times, they've launched an online platform for DJ sets and talks. This playlist is an overview of electronic music released by artists and labels based in The Netherlands, with a key focus on Amsterdam.

If you like what you hear, watch their live streams and donate to help keep them afloat at

Worldwide FM

Founded in 2016 by Gilles Peterson, Worldwide FM is a platform for stories, culture and sounds from across the global underground music scene. The platform shares a common goal with WeTransfer; working to bring together the huge range of diverse creativity around the world. Since it began, Worldwide FM has presented a challenge for Gilles as he tries to find a balance between the ‘always-on’ nature of commercial radio and the more static, individual release nature of streaming platforms. Here they curate a playlist of some of their current favorites. “We didn't want to do anything too on the nose with our selections,” they said. “We didn't go with a theme other than great music.”

Listen to Gilles Peterson and get involved by chatting with other music lovers at


IHEARTCOMIX is a Los Angeles-based creative agency focused on connecting music and geek culture through innovative productions, digital strategy and fully immersive campaigns. Using their long-standing and carefully crafted relationships in the creative industries, they’ve gained a reputation for trendsetting and original ideas. Here’s a playlist made up of 34 songs titled ‘The Relief Mix’, from their hearts to your open ears.

Interested in working with them or have a crazy idea? See how they’ve pivoted their business during this time and check out their new capabilities at iHC CAPS.


Founded in 2013 by electronic music composer and DJ Robert Miles, OpenLab is the platform bringing the sounds of Ibiza to the world. It broadcasts as a radio station on the Balearic island, but over the years it’s become so much more than that, developing a reputation as a cultural tastemaker with curated selection of music and stunning visuals. Get ready for some sunshine.

Tune in to their carefully curated programs for every mood any day or time and at