Kent Andreasen Photography “as essential as breathing” from South Africa

Cover Image - Kent Andreasen

Some get into art because it’s a passion, some use it to ventilate emotions, and others see it as a way to bring across a message. But for Kent Andreasen, photography is as essential and natural as breathing.

The South African artist takes photos whenever and wherever he can. It’s why his work shows an incredible diversity in topics and genres. From desert landscapes by night to an intimate close-up portrait of a freckled friend. He masters stylized fashion shoots but also captures fascinating still-lifes.

This variety is an important aspect of the artist’s work. “There is no way I ever want to specialize! I don’t know why I have such a fear of it, but being locked into one thing makes it seem like a job,” he says.

It’s also why Kent deliberately mashes up projects on his website. He cuts them up and juxtaposes them with images from other series. They look randomly assembled at first, but when you look closer, you find parallels in colors and shapes. He takes on the role of curator, next to photographer.

“The idea behind the layout is to blur the line between personal and commissioned work. I want people to be excited about the style of work I do as an overall.” On top of that, the artist thinks people are used to seeing images taken out of context, and re-used for other purposes. He likes how the current layout encourages you to build your own narrative.

Although Kent masters various genres, there’s a consistent style that trickles down in all his pieces. Colors play an important role; they set the mood and remind of an analogue camera aesthetic. Also, most photos don’t give a clear storyline; there’s a whimsical aura that surrounds them.

“I’m really happy with the progression of my style at the moment. I’m becoming more concerned with making images I want to make instead of trying to please anyone, or fit into any sort of genre. I want to make work that’s honest and representative of what I like, and how I perceive my life and overall reality.”