Black media and the metaverse Huntrezz Janos designs avatars for her metaverse

Cover Image - Black media and the metaverse

As part of our partnership with A Vibe Called Tech—a creative agency operating at the intersection of Black creativity, culture, and innovation—we are publishing a series of stories about Black-owned media, particularly in terms of its relation to the metaverse. For this piece, LA-based artist Huntrezz Janos was commissioned to create, design and profile avatars for her own version of the metaverse.

M1(H@3L J0RD@^

In a motion capture basketball game, this digiballer hits threes dripping in virtual jewelr while playing live online in international tournaments. He stands for Black Trans visibility in the international area, and is undeniably devoted to the game. He physically trains his avatar new moves and skills, and despite not possessing the desired physicality of the game IRL, he’s able to climb to the top of the leaderboards online.


A Metaverse DJ who spins her collection of augmented reality vinyl, featuring the audio she’s downloaded and remixed herself. Scratching and fading breaks like mad, she draws enormous 3D crowds. Spending her time playing raves and joining in with live jams online and off, she’s famous for hyping up the crowd and her crew with interactive moves from behind her holographic deck. Her core values are physical privacy and distance, accessibility, transparency and inclusivity. In between shows, she uses AI to individually videochat her fans if they wanna talk to her.

Kobi Clark

A virtual therapist who can make a dozen transcontinental house calls in a day. He works in a beautiful, infinite zen garden filled with pavilions and benches. It is in these gardens that he can take his patients on strolls through scenic pathways as they talk. Sometimes, he and his patients board small boats that float them downstream, or play tabletop games together as he helps them with their journey. Kobi appreciates honesty and values sincerity. He is a knowledgeable resource for those seeking emotional aid. In his spare time, he likes to meditate in the clouds.

Nella Zora

This very real poet, lyricist and jazz improviser can riff, scat and blow bebop like any cat with chops. She is the lead vocalist of her band of five, dropping fly new hot plates all the time in a speakeasy of a 1920s detective video game, preferring to take her tips in kale. If any customers get too rowdy, the experience for that player turns into an unwinnable boss battle against her. Security kicks you out and you’ll lose your inventory as punishment. Nella stands for sharpness, creativity and harmonic rhythm.