Calling all Venezuelan creatives

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If you are part of the creative community in Venezuela and have been affected by this week’s news that Adobe’s Creative Suite will no longer be available in the country, then please accept this gesture from us at WeTransfer.

In August 2019, Donald Trump imposed a sanction to block trade between the USA and Venezuela in a bid to pressurise the country’s president, Nicolás Maduro into stepping down from his post. Amid the multitudes of chaos that ensued, creatives in Venezuela have been informed by Adobe that, under this new agreement, they will no longer be able to use any programmes in the Creative Suite.

You can only imagine how panicked someone would be if they, like all the other designers, editors, animators, illustrators and a myriad of other creatives out there who use the Suite, found out that the tools they rely on and are trained to use to earn a living were being taken away from them for the foreseeable future.

Adobe have announced that some users will be able to get refunds for their products, but that all Adobe files must be downloaded by October 28 2019.

At WeTransfer, we have decided to offer a complimentary WeTransfer Pro account for any Venezuelan creative who is in need in order to facilitate and assist them with the task of downloading their files and keeping them safe. With WeTransfer Pro you can transfer up to 20 GB of files or folders and 1TB of storage. We believe in enabling creativity, whoever you are, and wherever you’re from.

This offer is no longer available, feel free to reach out to

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