Ana Cuba Landscape, still life and lifestyle. This photographer does it all

Cover Image - Ana Cuba

Ana Cuba used to be a picture editor at Amuse, where she developed the skills that now shine through every series she produces.

With impressive consistency, her photographs depict surreal landscapes and everyday objects ranging from yoga mats to plants. By cleverly putting them together, Ana adds a new layer of meaning to these images.

Although it was a tough decision to leave the security of a full-time job, judging from her Instagram Stories the freelance-photographer-lifestyle seems to be treating Ana well – you can vicariously fly with her from shoot to shoot through the magic of social media.

Working with photography in her previous capacity as a photo editor has certainly left a mark on Ana’s own imagery.

“I believe that editing is often way more important than the act of taking pictures itself, especially now that it’s easier than ever to take beautiful pictures,” Ana says. “Photo editors and art directors can make a really average job look much better than it truly is. I’ve seen this happen many times!”

Ana works with pairs of images, or diptychs, and uses them to build a relationship between photographs that don’t have an obvious prior connection. “Diptychs create tension between the visuals. It’s like playing the ‘find the pair’ game. I like to change the meaning of the photos by putting them together,” she explains.

Most of her ideas only truly emerge while shooting, reacting to light and colour as she goes to find her subjects. “Hopefully this leads me to some regular motifs that work within the series.

“Sometimes it doesn’t happen though, and I’m left with some pretty random pictures. However, I like to think that those images can work somewhere else in the future. I just haven’t found a place for them yet…”