Akvile Magicdust The ELCAF winner showcases her new graphic novel

Cover Image - Akvile Magicdust
WordsSuzanne Tromp

Three protagonists, two planets and a single story of friendship and discovery. It’s an unlikely combination but one that has been brought to life brilliantly by the talented Akvile Magicdust (what a name!) in her new comic book Tropical Wildchilds.

The book was made possible thanks to a partnership between WeTransfer and ELCAF (the East London Comic Arts Festival). Run by Nobrow – one of the world’s leading comic and graphic novel publishers – ELCAF is an annual shindig that brings together image-makers from around the world every summer.

In 2016, ELCAF and WeTransfer invited submissions for a book proposal that had never been published – either because it was commercially challenging or the idea was particularly out of this world – to then turn it into an actual book. Last year Nicolas Burrows won with his concept for The Elephant Hotel – about, you guessed it, a hotel for elephants.

Similarly strange yet wonderful is Akvile’s 2017 submission which became a reality this year. Trying to describe the story of Tropical Wildchilds wouldn’t do it justice, but let’s say it’s an intriguing adventure of three friends – Lucy, tiger and alien – and their journey through a strange, unique and colorful universe.

Sketch for Tropical Wildflowers
Sketch for Tropical Wildflowers
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