Tomas Munita Chile

Trucks carried students home after the carriage carrying Fidel's ashes passed in Las Tunas Province, Cuba on December 2, 2016. Cuba declared nine days of mourning after Fidel CastroÕs death, a period that culminated with his funeral.

Born in 1975, Tomás Munita is a Chilean documentary photographer based in Santiago. His work is mainly focused on social, political and environmental issues, and he has reported on stories in Syria, Rohingya and Patagonia. As part of our annual collaboration with World Press Photo, we interviewed Tomás about his series, “Cuba On the Edge of Change,” which was captured over the course of two months. In it, he documented the intimate ways in which the island was rethinking its sense of self. Tomas has won four World Press Photo Awards, and was named Photojournalist of the Year by the NPPA in 2017.