Orville Peck Canada

Cover Image - Orville Peck

South African-born, Toronto-based singer Orville Peck is here to challenge tired stereotypes about country music. Though he draws on the intrigue, drama, and vocal prowess that defined the golden era of 60s country music, his own sound is darker, moodier, sexier—and much heavier on the synths and queer themes. He’s got an image to match, too: Orville is known to pair his cowboy boots and Stetson hats with fringed leather masks. The crooner first rose to prominence with the release of his debut studio album “Pony,” which was nominated for the 2019 Polaris Music Prize, and has famously never shown his unmasked face publicly, or shared his real name. We caught up with him during a North American tour to find out more about his musical mission.