Nikita Vasilevskiy Russia

Cover Image - Nikita Vasilevskiy

Russian graphic designer and illustrator Nikita Vasilevskiy has converted his playful, colorful aesthetic into a variety of merch, logos, posters, and portraits, and other eye-catching works. Working from a global perspective, he’s created a number of international projects, including the Marunosain Collection, an Instagram account where he shares signs, stickers and other colorful bits of design ephemera from specific cities; “Something Factory,” a brand of matchboxes, pins and other merch inspired by his travels in Asia; and “The Diary of Barneo,” a graphic journal documenting a trip to the North Pole with his father in 2010. He opened up to WePresent about that last one, reminiscing about the parts of the trip that have stuck with him, and sharing why keeping a visual diary is so important for him.