Glen Baxter United Kingdom

Cover Image - Glen Baxter

Growing up in the 1960s in Leeds, England, artist Glen Baxter was drawn to the Marx Brothers’ slapstick comedy and to “Biggles,” a book series famous for its outlandish vernacular and made-up terminology. He clung onto this penchant for the surreal as he studied at Leeds College of Art and relocated to London, where he could finally embrace his niche. In the years since he’s performed poetry on stage in New York, collaborated on a book with Clark Coolidge, and had his writing and paintings picked up by multiple magazines. We spoke to Glen about his most well-known format, illustrated scenes with a one-liner caption (or punchline) underneath. These works have been published and exhibited worldwide due to their simple yet comical nature—an impressive feat for someone who doesn’t want to be known for making people laugh.