Chioma Ebinama Nigeria

Cover Image - Chioma Ebinama

Born in Maryland, Chioma Ebinama is a Nigerian-American artist working primarily in watercolor. She studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts, New York, and a strong graphic quality is still evident in her soothing, spiritual works. But their meditative appeal is united with a significant body of research and a strong belief in the power of art to educate and entice. Her range of topics is wide, from queer identities and matriarchal power to precolonial philosophies and mythologies. For Chioma, these offer space to articulate visions of freedom outside of Western social and political paradigms. Her artistic journey has been long, taking her to South Korea, India, Mexico, and Malaysia, but she’s now based in Athens. Here, she is exploring a new corpus of sculpture and myth that offers unexpected connections to her own history as an African.