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Unexpected stories about creativity
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Time / Place Summer trips to spark new ideas

This summer, WeTransfer has sent six creative students on six trips to get their ideas flowing. Working with The Jaunt, we offered students a different kind of summer, a fully-paid surprise trip somewhere in the world, to spark new ideas and get them out of their comfort zones.

We are delighted to announce this year’s group and stay tuned for more about their travels!

Alexander Cromer (US) Alexander is a writer, artist and designer of experiences from the United States. He loves (and often gets lost in) life's delicious ambiguity.

Alexander flew to Israel, where he stayed in Tel Aviv for a few days to then travel to Palestine to visit Bethlehem, where he stayed in Banksy's hotel the Walled Off Hotel.

Lesego Seoketsa (South Africa) Lesego is a fashion design student and photographer who enjoys observing the world around her. She believes life is vast and draws inspiration from its different facets.

We sent Lesego to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, to immerse herself in the vibrant fashion scene there.

Sébastien Robert (France) Sébastien is a French sound artist, photographer and master’s student at the ArtScience faculty. His ongoing research project You’re no Bird of Paradise focuses on traditional music and rituals that are in danger of disappearing.

To kickstart his research, Sébastien went looking for The Forgotten Melodies of Pleng Arak in Cambodia.

Natalia Poniatowska (Poland) Using digital and analogue photography and both still and moving image, Natalia explores the potential ground that exists between fine art and documentary photography. Her work has been displayed in various galleries around the world.

Natalia immersed herself into Iceland's culture by visiting Reykjavik Culture Night, a day and night full of events, exhibitions and music throughout the city.

Juan Pablo Mejía (Colombia) Juan is a Colombian experimental designer whose work deals with contemporary politics of mass media. He’s also founder and director of design studio El Monocromo and co-owns The Ambassadors of Love, a research-radio show focused on the politics of love in Latin American music.

To expand his views outside of The Netherlands and Colombia, where he's working on his graduation film, we sent Juan to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Here he recorded the third live episode of his radio show.

Fiona Brown (Argentina) Born in the northern jungle of Argentina, Fiona moved to Buenos Aires aged 17 to study graphic design at FADU — her work incorporates elements of both these worlds. She combines illustration with pshycial and digital elements as well as print and web design.

Fiona flew to Costa Rica where she stayed at Finca Bellavista, a unique, self-sustaining treehouse community which covers over 300 acres of rainforest.

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