Santi Zoraidez Animated abstract objects from this digital director


Santi Zoraidez’s short animations are mesmerizing in their simplicity. Worm-like shapes slither through fictional plywood and colorful tubes slide down a rollercoaster loop.

For the Buenos Aires-born, Berlin-based art director and designer, these videos are his playground when he is not working on projects for big clients like Nike and Lexus.

Santi combines moving forms with elements of color and a touch of inventiveness. His work feels fresh and modern. “I like to work with simple stuff, geometric shapes and illumination. I also pay a lot of attention to color palettes and textures,” he says.

Santi's personal projects make you wonder whether they’re real or digitally rendered. Their movements are so subtle and the shadows so genuine in their form, you can’t help but study them and try to catch them out. “I love to make things I would like to own in real life, to touch and play with,” Santi says.

And so, moving objects make their way into all his pieces. “I like how they interact with each other when in motion. I love to translate concepts into more or less abstract compositions, and movement helps a lot with that.”

It comes as no surprise these little gems are immensely popular on his Instagram. Comments like, “Obsessed with this!" and, “I could watch this all day” are the norm, and we couldn’t agree more.