Marina Abramović‘s legacy A year-long collaboration with WePresent

Cover Image - Marina Abramović‘s legacy

2021 marks the very first time WePresent has joined forces with an artist for an entire year of collaborative projects. That artist is one of the most remarkable creatives in the world, one whose raw, emotionally-charged artwork changed what we knew – or thought we knew – about performance art, forever. The artist is Serbian conceptual and performance artist, philanthropist, writer, and filmmaker, the inimitable Marina Abramović.

We are very proud to present a very special year-long WePresent collaboration with world-renowned artist Marina Abramović. When presented with this as an opportunity, we were almost stumped. There are so many themes in Marina’s incredible back catalog that we wanted to explore, from history to legacy, or from performance art to championing the work of others. After lots of discussion with Marina, we decided to dedicate our year-long collaboration to exploring legacy: how can an artist as inimitable, lauded and experienced as Marina Abramović pave the way for the future generations of artists who follow in the path she has trodden, and what message would she like to send to them?

    Selected by Marina Abramović

    Kicking off the first of three projects with the artist is our inaugural Guest Curator series, for which we profiled five artists chosen by Marina in a bid to showcase the importance of performance art, particularly when applied to our everyday lives. In her time as guest curator, Marina chose to highlight the work of Ana Prvački, Maurício Ianês, Yiannis Pappas, Terence Koh and Regina José Galindo.

    The Abramović Method

    Following Marina’s guest curatorship, in summer 2021 we are proud to unveil a unique digital manifestation of The Abramović Method on WeTransfer. This will be a very special version of Marina’s famous performance piece that explores the idea of being present in both time and space, inviting the viewer to perform exercises that focus on breath, motion, stillness and concentration. The audience therefore become crucial in witnessing but also contributing to the artwork as a whole.

    The Abramović Method has been showcased all over the world, but usually only to a lucky few who have been able to get tickets to participate with Marina. The exciting thing about showing The Abramović Method on WeTransfer wallpapers is that the experience will be available to all WeTransfer users – around 80million people worldwide. From your own home, or wherever you are, Marina invites you to engage in activities designed to help center yourself. These are exercises Marina has developed throughout her career, some of which have become synonymous with the artist: slow motion walking, counting grains of rice, sipping water and, perhaps the most famous, the mutual gazing into the eyes of another.

    Traces: A Digital Time Capsule

    Later, in the fall of 2021, Marina will complete her three WePresent projects with the Time Capsule called Traces: an online feature detailing the objects, ideas and people she would include in her own personal time capsule, as a way of cementing the things that have been most important to her in her personal life and work. Rather than objects of utility, Marina has chosen objects that encourage her to feel something, or to nudge dormant emotions within her. Items signifying nature, science, the cosmic, art and literature. By publishing these very personal choices and explaining the selection process, she offers readers a chance to see the physical objects that mean so much to her, giving a window into her inner self and clues as to why she has made the work she has made and taken the path she has taken in her life.