Marina Abramović The artist conversation with Tim Marlow about Traces

Cover Image - Marina Abramović

Couldn’t attend WePresent’s exhibition with Marina Abramović in London last week? Don’t fret, we’re bringing the artist’s insight directly to you in this exclusive interview for WeTransfer Pro members.

Marina Abramović and Tim Marlow in conversation at The Old Truman Brewery about Traces. Preview photo by Ejatu Shaw.

Throughout 2021 WePresent and Marina Abramović partnered to explore the notion of legacy, and the transference of knowledge, ideas and creativity through generations. As a performance artist Marina Abramović has long toyed with the question of what happens to the performance once the artist is no longer present to perform it. How does the art continue to evolve? How do we understand it? What do we leave behind?

Last week, this culminated in Traces, an immersive experience in both digital and physical form. The digital experience launched on WePresent with its physical counterpart taking the form of a four day exhibition in London’s Truman Brewery, attended by over 2,000 people. For Traces Marina Abramović created a time capsule of objects to preserve for future generations, featuring five items that have little to do with material possession, but everything to do with the connections she has made with nature and with people—through her art, friendships, travels, losses, and joys.

As part of the opening night Marina was interviewed live on stage in front of a small audience by Tim Marlow, her longtime friend and the Director and Chief Executive of London’s Design Museum. Exclusively to WeTransfer Pro members, you can now watch that interview in full, and hear Marina discuss not just her creative process but also reveal candid thoughts on life, love and how she deals with the critics.