A Manifesto by PlasticFree How to empower the design community to make change

Cover Image - A Manifesto by PlasticFree

PlasticFree empowers the design community to “see beyond the constraints of this miracle yet toxic substance to new material and system frontiers. Ones that enable us to create what’s next; and, in our book, that's a better world.” Here they pen 10 ways we can use design and creativity to rid the world of plastic and make a better Planet Earth for everyone.

PlasticFree is a game changing solutions platform for the world's most progressive creatives – those looking to design, create and build differently. Bringing together daily intelligence and thousands of curated materials, makers, creators, real-world innovations, proof-points, insights and trends, PlasticFree helps the global creative industry to challenge the systemic conventions of today, and create what’s next.

Manifesto is a series on WePresent which invites activists and creatives with something to say to write 10 rules to live by, in order to help spread their message. The artwork on this page was created by Made Thought .