PracticeWatch FKA twigs get pole performance fit for her latest video

Director: AnAkA, Sound: Lime Studios, Grade: Cameo, Producer: Object & Animal

Watch FKA twigs get pole performance fit for her latest video


Often with art and artists, all we see is the tip of the iceberg. But behind the final track, film or performance, there is always another story, that usually goes unseen. That other story is less glamorous – often hard, lonely and repetitive – but it’s crucial to understanding someone’s creative process.

That’s the story we tell in Practice, our new film with FKA twigs. It’s an intimate look at her year of pole-performance training for the Cellophane video – the early mornings and late nights and physical pain and gruelling perfectionism it took twigs to make her creative vision a reality.

“The concept for Cellophane came while I was writing it, more than a year before we shot the video,” twigs explains. “So I had to go learn pole-dancing, which is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I wanted to show that process – the practice, the training, the moments when it isn’t quite working. The journey.”

WeTransfer is proud to present this vulnerable portrait of twigs as she’s never shown herself before. As she says in the film, “To be on set for me is a dream. It’s where I thrive, to be able to have my creative family all working towards the same goal… Coming in at a 10/10, that’s when you can really imprint on culture. I always think it’s about changing the cultural DNA.”

FKA twigs — Cellophane