Passersby An illustrated poem by artist and poet Amber Vittoria

Cover Image - Passersby
WordsAmber Vittoria

How often do you closely study the people who pass by you on a day to day basis? Amber Vittoria’s illustrated poem Passersby depicts people who have appeared in her life, however briefly. “The aim of this piece is to remind people that we must care for those who appear in our individual stories,” Amber says, “even if just momentarily, as each of our own narratives rely upon each other.”

Whether at the mall, school, or on a mountain up high, Remember to take note of passersby.
We tend to put ourselves first, in the stories we share. Often forgetting about others, who were briefly there.
Some may have a bright beaming smile, While others may have a pronounced profile.
They may be tall with long flowing hair, Or be in a coat with a colorful flair.
They may be trying to conceal their tears, They may be loudly sharing their deepest fears. Some may be gone in a flash, And some may stick around to cause a splash.
They will be narrow, and they will be broad. Sadly, some may even think they are a fraud.
They may be off in their own world, Or in a problem, they may be curled.
They all will be headed to the next chapter in their tale, The lead in their own missions, without fail.