Life is Excellent – Screening

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SVA Theatre, New York

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We invite you to join us for a one-night-only screening of “Life is Excellent,” Russell Tovey’s film about David Robilliard, an artist shrouded in semi-obscurity since his death in 1988 from AIDS. The film sees Tovey speak to Robilliard’s friends and family and visit his hometown, as he sets out to uncover his story and to assure he isn’t forgotten. The screening will be followed by a live conversation between Tovey and writer Michael Bullock.

The Film

Artist David Robilliard changed Russell Tovey’s life. It was Robilliard who inspired Tovey’s love of art, his free attitude towards sex, as well as his own sexuality. He is one of the most important people in Tovey’s life, despite the fact that they never met (sadly Robilliard died of AIDS before Tovey hit double digits). In this WePresent film Tovey embarks on a highly personal and intimate journey to discover who the artist truly was through the people Robilliard drank with, worked with, slept with and laughed with.

The Event

Doors: 6pm

Screening: 6.30pm

Q&A: Live conversation between Russell Tovey and Michael Bullock.

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