Ziyah Gafić Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cover Image - Ziyah Gafić

Bosnian photographer Ziyah Gafić still lives in the city in which he was born – Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina – a place he describes as “the city surrounded by the Dinaric Alps, forests, and stories.” Rich with history and culture, as well as horror and tragedy, Ziyah finds his creativity in the ability of the place he calls home to rebuild and continue life after disasters. His work has been exhibited all over the world and published in La Republica, Time Tank, the Telegraph Magazine and Newsweek, among others. He’s a fellow of TED and National Geographic, and has won the World Press Photo Award four times. Drawn to his powerful image making and nuanced view on communities dealing with the worst our world has to offer, we featured his series “Short Stories from Troubled Societies,” and spoke to Ziyah about why he made it.