Zeinab El Tawil Egypt

Cover Image - Zeinab El Tawil

Zeinab El Tawil is an Egyptian photographer and one half of the research based multi-artistic house, Sakran. We featured Zeinab’s series on WePresent – a photographic interpretation of “A stand against deculturation:” a research paper by Egyptian artist, collaborator and friend Sakran in response to the popularity of galabayas (traditional Egyptian garments) covered in logos appropriated from Western brands, and the broader rise of kitsch in Egypt. Zeinab turned the research paper into a vibrant photo series that set Egyptian women against the backdrop of a desert, dressed in kitschy galabayas and surrounded by tacky props. The design duo combine research and photography to explore social class, globalization and the importance of individuality, and we spoke to Sakran and Zeinab about their hope that Egyptians can work together and realize the power in their own, authentic heritage.