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Russian-born, Swiss film and stage actor Yul Brynner enjoyed an illustrious career before his death in 1985. Said to have performed his best known title role in “The King and I” more than 5000 times and for which he won both a Tony and an Academy Award, Yul also appeared in “The Ten Commandments,” “The Magnificent Seven,” “The Magic Christian” and “Morituri.” A talented musician, he also carried a camera with him wherever he went. His lifelong passion for photography and talent for capturing people led to him being recruited as a Special Consultant to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in 1959. His trips to refugee camps in Europe and the Middle East with Magnum photographer and friend Inge Morath resulted in the 1960 book “Bring Forth the Children: A Journey to the Forgotten People of Europe and the Middle East.” When his daughter Victoria released her book “Yul Brynner: A photographic Journey,” released on the 25th anniversary of her fathers’ death, we spoke to her about where he discovered his love of taking pictures and how, through this visual diary, she got to know a whole different side to him.