Yener Torun Turkey

Cover Image - Yener Torun

Photographer Yener Torun is best known for his beautifully vibrant captures of Istanbul. With years of experience of working in construction, and a degree in architecture, he’s adept at finding lines, patterns, textures and shapes that most of us would miss in the structures that surround us. Realizing that the changes happening in Turkey’s capital were rarely depicted in photography, Yener wanted to capture the lesser-known, modern, suburban areas of the city, away from the mystical, Eastern qualities so often portrayed in images of this part of the world. His colorful geometric compositions have been featured in the Washington Post, The Guardian, and El Pais Semanal, among others, and been shown around the world from Manchester to Sao Paulo. Yener spoke to WePresent about his view of Istanbul, what he likes to look for, and how he is documenting the gradual changes and developments to the city he calls home.