Winnie Au United States

Cover Image - Winnie Au

Originally from Rockford, Illinois, Winnie Au is a New York-based photographer whose work focuses on food, animals, people, and the spaces where all of these things live. Spending a lot of time shooting our four-legged friends, Winnie has always loved how comical dogs look when wearing a cone, so she decided to turn these moments into a fun, tasteful series. The result is “Cone of Shame,” which sees Winnie photograph a wide range of dogs in artfully-designed collars created by costume designer Marie-Yan Morvan. The playful and vibrant images are not only a joy to look at, but were used to raise money for rescue dogs with urgent medical needs. Winnie has worked with the likes of Airbnb, Elle, Google, Facebook, and Vanity Fair and her book “Dog-Friendly New York” was published in collaboration with Four & Sons and Hoxton Mini Press.