We Make Carpets The Netherlands

Cover Image - We Make Carpets

We Make Carpets are a Dutch collective (made up of Bob Waardenburg, Marcia Nolte and Stijn van der Vleuten) who, since their formation in 2009, have transformed everyday objects and materials into site-specific installations. From forks to cocktail umbrellas, from mussels to Velcro, the trio’s creations can be considered contemporary interpretations of a centuries-old craft that celebrate mass industry and beautify the ordinary. Although their materials are all mass-produced, every creation is a unique response to the space in which it sits, and much of their process is based on intuition. Their artworks have been exhibited all over the world, resulting in thought-provoking combinations of product, process and place from Australia to the United States. The trio spoke to us about how they work, why they do it, and why people find their carpets impossible not to reach out and touch.