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Wajatta is the name given to the creative collaboration between electronic composer John Tejada and poet, musician and stand-up comedian Reggie Watts. Brought together through shared passions of old-school hip-hop, 80s sci-fi flicks, and similar upbringings, the two were mutual fans and their musical chemistry was immediate. Reggie leads the house band on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” which makes use of his skill of working improvisationally, which transcends to his musical skill and multi-octave voice. John began producing techno in the mid-1990s and though he’s never courted mainstream success, his best-known tracks, including “Sweat (on the Walls)” and “The End of It All,” are the kind of underground classics that can fill any dance floor, from a dirty warehouse to a Vegas mega club. The two sat down with WePresent and spoke about their friendship, inspirations and future plans for Wajatta.