The Cinematic Orchestra United Kingdom

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Formed in 1999, the Cinematic Orchestra is a British contemporary jazz band founded by Jason Swinscoe and Dominic Smith, and numerous other band members. The band are signed to Ninja Tune, where they’ve released multiple critically acclaimed albums, including “Ma Fleur” and “To Believe.” Recently, they have become a highly in-demand resource for TV and movie soundtracks. Their music has been used on “One Tree Hill,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Suits,” “The Big C,” “This is Us,” “Orange is the New Black” and “The Theory of Everything.” In a telling interview with WePresent, Jason and Dominic sat down with our music director Gilles Peterson to discuss doubt, slowing down and why they don’t care if shorter songs are popular now.

“It’s our job to suffer a bit. It's our job to dig, and find those answers, and be lonely, and be stressed. We have to constantly question ourselves, and to push forward with a strong voice of what we believe in.”