Sara Perovic Croatia

Cover Image - Sara Perovic

Berlin-based photographer and architect Sara Perovic has a keen interest in the perception of space, abstraction, repetitiveness, and understanding of the “self.” These are the themes that weave themselves into the Croatian artist’s work, whether it’s showing the impact of tourism on nature’s fragile landscapes in “I was there,” or blurring the boundaries of art-as-therapy in “My Father’s Legs,” which we featured on the site. Using a mix of family archive photos and contemporary recreations, the photographic series is made up of deconstructed images of Sara’s father during his career as a tennis coach. As well as an examination of her relationship with her father, “My Father’s Legs” sees Sara play with the codes and conventions of representation by placing a male subject as the observed—rather than the observer—in an attempt to subvert the dominant (male) gaze. In 2020 the project was published as a book and shortlisted for Les Recontres d’Arles Prix du Livre d’Auteur and the Aperture/Paris Photo First Book Award.