Robot Bennett South Africa

Cover Image - Robot Bennett

Often found on-stage at some of the city’s coolest venues, Robert Bennet, more commonly known as Robot, is a Berlin-based techno DJ who played his first set at the age of 67. He left his native country of South Africa in the late 1960s after receiving warnings about the volume of political protests and demonstrations he helped organize. Robert then moved to London, before finding himself on the hippie trail in India and eventually settling in Berlin as a yoga teacher. He always had a passion for music and dancing, but it wasn’t until he played one of his own mixes while leading a group therapy session that it caught the attention of two well-known DJs who were also part of the group. All it took was a suggestion that he should give DJing a try, and Robert picked up an APC Mk II controller and never looked back. He’s played iconic venues and festivals around Europe including Berlin’s Beate Uwe, Moloch in Hamburg, and the Sa Terza Metari festival in Sardinia.