Randa Maroufi Morocco

Cover Image - Randa Maroufi

French-Moroccan director Randa Maroufi isn’t interested in fast-paced cinema or flashy cuts. Instead, her work takes a more measured approach, using long panning shots and minimal dialogue to draw the viewer into every tiny detail. Her film “Le Park” presents a series of frozen moments viewed from a full 360-degree angle, forcing her audience to witness various scenarios from every perspective. Using methods like slow motion and panning shots, and choosing not to focus on violent or chaotic moments, Randa hopes her work encourages us to question the veracity of a narrative we’re presented with—particularly in a world when a single snippet of a person’s life (seen in the newspaper or online) can alter our entire perspective. Both “Le Park” and “Bab Sebta” have received multiple awards, and Randa’s work has been exhibited at the likes of New York’s New Museum, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and the Marrakech Biennale, Morocco.