Ramin Mazur Transnistria

Cover Image - Ramin Mazur

Born in 1987, photographer Ramin Mazur grew up in Ukraine and Moldova’s breakaway region, Transnistria, in the 90s. Changing seven schools as his parents moved across three towns in search of a better life, he eventually returned to Rybnitsa, in Transnistria, at the age of 10. His photography career began with him working as a photojournalist for media outlets, after graduating from the Journalism department at the State University of Moldova in Chisinau. Nowadays, his focus is geared towards personal projects, often telling stories about the Eastern European countries he grew up surrounded by, and capturing the nuances of life there. We featured his project “Rural Carnival,” in which he photographed the fascinating masks and costumes worn by people celebrating Malanka, Eastern Europe’s rapidly evolving New Year’s tradition.