Quintessenz Germany

Cover Image - Quintessenz

Quintessenz is a German art duo, made up of Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic, who specialize in colorful, large-scale installations that blur the line between the digital and real worlds. Space and color are fundamental to the duo—who both have backgrounds in graffiti art and chromatics—and they tend to work in old or abandoned buildings, dramatically contrasting the space with their vibrant artworks. For “Kagkatikas Secret,” Quintessenz installed hundreds of sheets of spray-painted fabric in a 400-year-old Greek building. The mesh-like material had an almost pixelated effect and, like each of their pieces, morphed and changed depending on viewer perspective, the intensity of the light, or the strength of the wind. We spoke to the pair about bringing their installations to life and how their art acts as a reflection of human progress.