Prarthna Singh India

Cover Image - Prarthna Singh

Bombay-based image maker Prarthna Singh explores themes of identity and femininity in contemporary India. She’s particularly drawn to stories that juxtapose strength and vulnerability, or demonstrate the nation’s changing cultural attitudes. Working across digital, film, and photography, she’s created commercial work for Nike, Uniqlo, AirBnb, and Levi’s, and taken on editorial assignments for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, Monocle, and CNN. In January 2020, Prarthna and writer Snigdha Poonam photographed and interviewed dozens of young people for their multimedia project “Waiting: A Portrait of Young India.” The pair sought to understand how India’s youth define themselves amidst the chaos of their everyday lives, and to document the making of a new India. We featured a selection of those photos and snippets of audio on WePresent.